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Partical board production line

Board size:4*8' 


Annual capacity:10000-120000CBM 

Control:PLC control

Product Description

Particle board production line

Particle board is made from small-diameter wood, branches,wood residues and non-wood agricultural residues via chip preparation, drying, spreading and hot press section. Finished boards can be used for furniture, building, packing, vehicle and sheep decoration and lamination.

1) Chip preparation section

Raw material is reduced into qualified chips by the drum chipper, then the chips are transported to the chip bin, and then feed to the knife-ring flaker by which the chips are turned to flakes,then the flake stored in wet flake bin.

2) Drying and sifting section

The flskes discharged from the wet flake bin are conveyed to the rotary dryer. Qualified core flakes are stored in core flake bin; oversize flakes are send to mill to be re-crushing, and transported to surface flake bin.

3) Forming and hot-pressing section

The surface and core flakes are sent into classi-forming machine, and forming on the mat conveyor uniformly. After process of metal remover , pre-press, lengthwise saw, cross saw, accelerate conveyor,scaling conveyor , storing conveyor and loading conveyor,mats are transported to carrier and then to hot pressing. Rough boards after pressing are pushed to unloader via pallet.

4) Cooling and sizing section

The rough board is conveyed to star-cooler for cooling ,then the rough board goes through side trimming saw and become a qualified particle-board, stacked on the hydraulic lift.

5) Sanding section:

The board are sanded,checked and stored.

PLC control is used in mat-forming section.


1) Delivery time : normally 40-50 days, production line need around 70-90 days according to the order. 

2) Machine guarantee: The guarantee period is 12 months after installation.

3) After sales services: 1. we have professional engineer team to work at customer's factory to guide installation and debugging and free training workers. 

4) Machine is lifetime warranty, if beyond the guarantee period, we will charge the spare parts charges and worker salary.