Advantages of solid wood grating

The solid wood grating a wood-shaped modeling board, which is a new type of siding.

Advantages of solid wood grating

The solid wood grating simple and atmospheric, with various styles and home-friendly decorative effects, which can always be unforgettable, so many owners will choose it as interior decoration.

1. Rich colors

The finish of the Grille wood panel can be covered with a variety of wood grain colors, and can be combined with other wall decoration materials to meet the design needs of different styles and levels and create more possibilities for the space.

2. Widely used

The grid plate is widely used, and can be applied to the walls, floors, ceilings, and background walls of various spaces. It caters to the home style, ensures the use of functions, and adds visual aesthetics.

3. Green and environmental protection

The production of Grille wood conforms to the national environmental protection standard, is non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free, and is a real green environmental protection product.

4. Durable

It has a stable structure, delicate material, durable, excellent waterproof, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, and can stand the test of time.

5. Comfortable touch, easy to clean

The solid wood grating warm and moist, comfortable to the touch, oil-resistant and anti-fouling, easy to clean, and brings a comfortable home experience.

6. Beautiful and fashionable

From the details, the solid wood grating restores the natural and steady texture of the wood, and through different design forms, reflects the unique design beauty of modern homes.


The use of solid wood grating:

solid wood grating are often used in the custom design of the whole house. The designer uses the panels as the spatial texture, and the various and smart collocations create a rhythmic space style.

1. Entrance application

The entrance hall uses panels a space buffer, which removes the discomfort of facing the wall at the entrance.

2. Background wall application

The Grille wood panes is used as the background wall, and the warm vertical wooden fence extends from the background to the ceiling, with a three-dimensional and open vision, combined with light and shadow interspersed in it, showing the hazy elegance of the home, quiet and peaceful.

3. Local application

For some parts of the space, I don't know what to use to decorate. At this time, the solid wood grating a versatile choice. The gap is filled with the grille, and the neat lines enrich the entire visual system.