The 11th Linyi Wood Industry Expo opens

Jun 13th, 2022

On June 12, 2022, the 11th Linyi Wood Industry Expo was grandly opened at the Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition scale of this exhibition is 80,000 square meters, and more than 500 wood panel brands have appeared! Three major exhibition halls are planned, covering wood products, wood-based panels, woodworking machinery, woodworking products, wood chemical accessories, whole wood customization, whole house decoration, etc. 7 major categories; gathered many well-known brands such as Millennium Boat, Han's, Luli, Qianshan Plate, Hangzhou Good Lady, Shenglu International, etc., there are more than 100 companies to help enterprises find a way, find channels for factory sales, and let buyers There are good products in the procurement, the first exhibition in the industry, and the first exhibition will win. I believe that the holding of this wood expo can inject a booster into the wood industry market.