Rizhao port 100,000 cubic meters of timber ships cleared and unloaded

Jun 20th, 2022

On June 17, under the supervision of Rizhao Customs, the "Jinguan" vessel loaded with 103,600 cubic meters of imported logs slowly berthed at Berth No. 6 in Lanshan Port Area of Rizhao Port to carry out unloading operations, setting a new record for the largest single log unloading in China. Cargo volume record.

This is currently the world's largest Capesize ship that can load logs. The weight of a single log ship is equivalent to 2 to 3 times the cargo volume of an ordinary log ship. Rizhao Customs guides enterprises to make good use of the convenient policies such as advance declaration, berthing and quarantine, and cargo owners not being able to apply for the site, and maintain communication and collaboration with ports, freight yards and other units to ensure timely operation of all process links. Customs and quarantine officers conduct quarantine inspections and other work as soon as the ship docks, and log cargo ships berth, quarantine and unload as soon as possible.

Rizhao Lanshan Port is an important log import port in my country, and the imported timber accounts for about 10% of the country's total imports. Since the beginning of this year, Rizhao Customs has quarantined and supervised 4.761 million cubic meters of imported logs.