The construction of the "Belt and Road" Timber Trading Center project is being accelerated

Jul 14th, 2022

In midsummer July, in Xi'an International Port Station, the construction of the "Belt and Road" Timber Trading Center project is being accelerated. "The steel columns and beams on the first floor of the production scheduling building are being installed, and warehouses No. 2 to No. 5 are also progressing as scheduled. The project is expected to be put into operation by the end of October." General Manager of Xi'an Zhonglin National Railway Logistics Co., Ltd., the project construction unit Hou Litao said.

Hou Litao said that seeing the development goals set by the 14th Xi'an Party Congress for the future of Xi'an, the company is more confident in the development of Xi'an. The reason why the "Belt and Road" Timber Trading Center project chose to settle in Xi'an International Port Area is to take advantage of the location advantages of Xi'an and the channel advantages of the China-Europe freight train Chang'an to achieve complementary resource advantages and give full play to the stability, efficiency, and efficiency of the international railway logistics channel. With the advantage of convenience, it gathers and constructs industrial projects to help the integrated development of Xi'an port industry and city.

The "Belt and Road" Timber Trading Center project will drive the rapid development of timber trading, timber processing, and comprehensive timber utilization industries, play a radiating and pulling role, and enhance Xi'an's strategic position in my country's timber industry. The cold chain, vehicle and other bulk commodity trading centers have introduced more than 20 bulk trade enterprises, and strive to achieve an annual bulk trade transaction volume of over 120 billion yuan.