The demand of China's wood manufacturing industry for log import is increasing continuously.

Feb 24th, 2023

The demand of China's wood manufacturing industry for log import is increasing continuously

[Feb 24, 2023]

According to insiders in China, since this year, the domestic timber manufacturing industry has continued to increase its demand for log imports, which can be seen from the data of major domestic log import ports.

Shandong Port Rizhao Port Lanshan Port

On February 7, the ship "Shengda Hexu", loaded with 314 TEUs of imported logs, slowly berthed at Lannan 8, Lanshan Port Area, Rizhao Port, Shandong Port. This is the 18th container foreign trade branch ship loaded with logs under the supervision of Rizhao Customs since 2023.

"In January this year, our order volume increased significantly compared with previous years." Zhang Yuan, the market business manager of Zhongchuang Logistics Co., Ltd., said that it is understood that in January this year, Rizhao Customs has supervised more than 4500 TEUs of imported timber containers, achieving a leapfrog growth.

Zhonglin (Zhenjiang) Xinminzhou Port

From January 21 to 27, Zhenjiang Customs supervised the import of about 100000 cubic meters of logs.

Since the first day of the New Year, in addition to the New Zealand radiata pine, there are also North American materials and Australian spodumene arriving at the port. After strengthened scheduling, three foreign ships have finished loading and unloading and leaving the port. "

Zhangjiagang Port

The total amount of imported timber in Zhangjiagang in 2022 has exceeded 3.4 million cubic meters. In 2022, the maritime department of Zhangjiagang has guaranteed the safe entry and exit of 113 ships carrying logs, and more than 500 species of logs have been imported.

Recently, the ship Enyang, loaded with 26000 cubic meters of logs, just berthed safely.

The cost pressure of imported logs further increases

Compared with 2021, Russia's log and timber exports to China in 2022 decreased by 63% and 7% respectively. Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated the need to ban the export of logs at the video conference on January 17.

The PNG government will raise the log export tax from 59% to 70%

Papua New Guinea's forest land area accounts for about 78% of the total land area. It is the world's largest tropical roundwood exporter, and the Chinese market accounts for a large proportion. According to data, only in 2021, the number of logs exported to China accounted for 84% of the total. After Russia officially banned the export of logs in 2022, China's demand for PNG timber is still increasing.

Cameroon's log export tax increased from 35% in 2021 to 50% in 2022, and again to 60% in 2023.

The rise in the price of European logs and other timber is closely related to the restriction of Russian timber entering the European market and the ban on the export of Russian logs. As for the state-owned forest in Germany, the timber price in 2022 increased by 39% on average compared with previous years, including industrial timber.

At present, with the change of log export policies in various countries, the cost of imported logs will further increase in 2023, the profits of processing plants may be further compressed, and the price of finished products may also be affected and fluctuated.