African timber market shipments have been stable recently.

Mar 10th, 2023

According to the market feedback, the price of African plate has remained stable recently. Among them, the varieties with the largest shipments are small zebra, red horse, yellow rose and black sandalwood, etc., which have been in the market with better shipments since February.

Look at some African timber prices:

Gabon and Cameroon produced zebra prices vary, Gabon produced zebra prices since this year little fluctuation, between 6,800-7,000 yuan per cubic meter; In the middle of February, the small zebra produced in Cameroon was raised by 100 yuan per cubic meter, and now it remains between 5,900 and 6,000 yuan per cubic meter.

The price of the big zebra is maintained at 8,500-9,000 yuan per cubic meter. At the same time, the price of Shabili furniture changed slightly at the beginning of the year, down 300 yuan per cubic meter. At present, it is still at 4500 yuan/cubic price, which is expected to be raised in the later period.

The prices of sawn timber in Central and West Africa, mainly Ayos (white wood), woodwood and fine wood African neem, were unchanged from the end of last year, indicating a relatively stable market. For logs, the price of BC/C Shabili logs increased slightly in February, and the market is well supplied without any shortage. Fob Africa Tali remains at December prices of between 260 euros per cubic metre.

It is fair to say that African timber market prices have experienced ups and downs in the past three years, and in fact, most prices are still below pre-pandemic levels.

However, with the furniture market last year, African wood still maintains a certain heat, especially the small zebra, big zebra African wood is more popular in the furniture market, and the size of the furniture exhibition around the country has been scheduled this year, which is expected to bring strong prospects for the African wood market.

Source: Wood cloud