Penglai Port in January timber cargo throughput increased by 260% year on year.

Mar 10th, 2023

Early spring February, full of vitality, products are spring. Shandong Yantai Port Penglai Port Company in the development of characteristic business precision to fight hard to improve the battle, constantly improve the comprehensive service capacity, in January wood cargo throughput increased by 260% year on year, showing a strong momentum of development.

During the cold wave of the Spring Festival, the deck cargo of an imported wooden ship was seriously frozen, and the operation plan could not be implemented normally, which greatly affected the normal operation of the ship. Upon learning of the situation, Penglai Port Company organized personnel to check the situation on site, quickly formulated de-icing and anti-skid strategies, and successfully completed the ice-breaking task by wearing cleat shoes and wood grips for the boarders. Penglai Port timber source efficient operation efficiency, professional technical level, careful and thoughtful service has been highly praised by customers.

Shandong Port Yantai Port Penglai Port Company with chain thinking, integrated services in the "traditional log + emerging wood chips" and new business forms of multi-force, in the revitalization of the port advantage resources, for customers through the upstream and downstream of the wood supply chain links of the "last kilometer", with efficient comprehensive service ability to continue to improve the "China's top ten import wood port" industry influence and reputation.

Recently, in the knowledge that a customer has wood chip related business, Penglai Port Company marketing personnel tailored service plan for customers, to professional, efficient operations successfully completed the customer in Penglai Port Company's first wood chip to water business. Locking the task indicators of the "Year of Comprehensive Success", Shandong Port Yantai Port Penglai Port Company will closely adhere to the general work tone of "highlighting innovation, deepening integration, and endeavoring to overcome difficulties, performance is king", push forward hard work innovation with positive thinking, fully exert efforts in marketing and source development, uphold the principle of "not losing a ton, not losing a ship", and go to the edge and end of the market boundary.

Source:Wood industry information network